KYOCERA introduces new Silicon Nitride Igniter for residential Gas Furnace

Kyocera has developed a long life igniter for residential heating systems which is referred to as the most robust igniter in the world [1]

21 March 2017

Kyoto / Neuss – Kyocera, a Japanese technology group, has developed a new silicon nitride igniter with exceptional endurance and very stable ignition performance for European residential gas furnaces. Kyocera`s SN igniter has been regarded as one of the most robust igniters in the world and heats up to more than 1000 degrees Celsius. As the new igniter can be operated at rated residential voltage, no high voltage protection is needed for either systems or modules. This allows flexible components selection and contributes to cost savings on the total system.

The new 230V SN igniter heats up to more than 1000 degrees Celsius very quickly and smoothly sparks off natural gas. Compared to conventional spark plugs, Kyocera´s igniter has a wider hot surface and enables a very stable ignition performance. In a test circuit with 40K cycles, the igniter achieved a defect rate of zero.

Furthermore, the igniter shows a very small resistance change over life time which results in yet another advantage: the igniter shows no degradation which gives customers easier control over the heating system.

left: brand-new 230V Silicon Nitride igniter to be distributed for European residential gas heating system,
right: hot surface ignition

Kyocera has relied on and continuously expanded its expertise in material and manufacturing technology in the field of technical ceramics since its foundation in 1959. The new silicon nitride igniter is another product that enriches Kyocera´s broad brand portfolio. 

[1] Based on internal measurements carried out by Kyocera

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