KYOCERA to introduce super alloy, aluminium, titanium and cast iron cutting tools at AMB in September

01 September 2016

Kyoto/Neuss – The Japanese ceramics specialist Kyocera will introduce its new cutting tool solutions at this year´s AMB trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany. The innovative products include the 4JER Solid Endmill, an update for the face-milling cutter MFWN, the CA3 Series with a new CVD coated carbide grade and chipbreakers for cast iron machining. SGS, which was acquired by Kyocera in May, will join the exhibition as well as all upcoming events.

The international exhibition for metal processing (AMB) is the leading trade fair within the industry and one of the top five trade fairs worldwide for the cutting tool sector. The fair will take place September 13th through 17th in Stuttgart. Kyocera’s booth can be found in the east entrance E2, E224.

4JER Solid Endmill for super alloy machining with high productivity and stability

The new solid endmill is resistant to breakage and capable of stable slotting and trochoidal machining. Kyocera´s original Megacoat Hard coating technology ensures long tool life and stable machining.

With improved chatter resistance and variable helix design, the 4JER solid endmill prevents chattering due to its unique four-flute design.

Update for face-milling cutter MFWN

Kyocera has updated its face-milling cutter MFWN, a 90° low cutting force cutter for reduced chattering with a max. A. R. of 13°, including neutral inserts for shouldering and facing. The line-up expansion enables highly efficient aluminium machining due to changed geometry and the new grade PDL025. The fine-grain cemented carbide tool grade with DLC coating ensures stable and high quality machining and a long tool life. The new grade is furthermore applicable for turning and cut-off applications.

In addition to the MFWN expansion, Kyocera will show a preview of a completely new development for aluminium milling, the MFAH. It offers a new insert geometry with two cutting edges and features an adjustable insert seat pocket. The MFAH is available in two versions, the PCD insert grade KPD001 and the new PDL025 grade.

Enhanced high feed cutter family

Kyocera's successful high feed cutter series combines several geometries, grades and a toolholder with line-up ranges from 16 mm to 160 mm, which enable a variety of applications. The extra small diameter high feed cutter MFH Micro starts from 8 mm. The low cutting force design ensures high efficiency machining and stable high feed machining in a wide range of cutting parameters. The features, such as a maximum ap = 0.5 mm, offer a cost down solution compared to the application of solid tools.

CA3 Series

Kyocera`s CA3 series features a new CVD coated carbide grade and chipbreakers for cast iron machining. The optimal coating film structure improves shock resistance while the miniaturized composition of the coating layer empowers superior wear resistance. The improved coating interface state furthermore prevents pealing and realizes stable machining in the cast scale. The CA3 series comes in three grade types, which are applicable for various cutting conditions. The new chipbreaker line-up is specialized for cast iron focusing on fracture resistance for wide applications in heavy cutting. Customers can select from the three chipbreaker types of sharpness, continuous and heavy interruption, according to their individual needs.

Kyocera SGS Precision Tools offers extensive customer service

In May 2016, Kyocera acquired SGS Tool Company. Renamed Kyocera SGS Precision Tools, it is a specialist in the production of solid carbide rotary cutting tools for machining difficult to cut materials in the aerospace, medical, offshore and various other industries. The company has introduced a new customer service called Tool4Life. If a customer buys one of the company’s Z5 HPR high performance end mills of 10 mm diameter or above, Kyocera SGS Precision Tools will regrind and recoat it free of charge, given that it is not irreparably damaged. To ensure the continuity of production at a customer`s factory, a replacement milling cutter can be exchanged for a worn tool within 24 hours.

The new Z-Carb HPR 5 Flute Roughing End Mills are tailored for aggressive high speed roughing and finishing of titanium. The specialized five-flute design is engineered for increased productivity over three and four-flute end mills resulting in high metal removal during the machining process.

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