electronica 2016: Kyocera presents brand new technologies for the automotive industry

11 October 2016

Kyoto / Neuss – Kyocera will be presenting its extensive portfolio of innovative solutions for the automotive industry at this year’s electronica in Munich, Germany (Hall A3, Booth 241). The global trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications takes place from 8–11 November.

Kyocera's Haptivity® Technology

electronica is the world’s leading trade fair and plays a key role for the entire electronics industry. It exhibits important new technologies and trends and offers practical perspectives for new developments and growth opportunities. Thousands of exhibitors attend the fair, representing virtually all fields of electronics, from automotive and industrial electronics and embedded and wireless technologies through to medical electronics. Kyocera’s appearance at the trade fair will focus on numerous components used in automotive applications.

A better view and sensory improvements

At electronica 2016, Kyocera will unveil a compact rear view camera with integrated image processing for rear and panoramic view systems as well as electronic rear view mirrors. What particularly makes the camera stand out is its small and compact design as well as its low power consumption. Prototypes will be available in 2017.

Kyocera has also developed what it calls Haptivity® technology for safety and comfort. The name of this technology is a combination of the words ‘haptic’ and ‘activity’. Touchscreen displays can now also provide haptic feedback, thanks to Kyocera’s innovative use of piezo actuators.

Cohesive power and shining examples

Another highlight of the trade fair will be in the power electronics sector. Kyocera is one of the few manufacturers in the world that can offer Si3N4 (silicon nitride)-based substrate, sinter and moulding technology from a single source, which means the materials can be adapted to customer applications.

Kyocera’s innovative touches are also found in lighting products. The company has developed cutting-edge LED modules that enable very precise colour rendering. The properties of the new LED modules are adapted to specific applications and requirements, enabling custom light spectrums and defined colour rendering. Kyocera’s unique phosphor technology, use of highly reflective ceramic and its proprietary optical and thermal simulation technologies enable individual designs of the light spectrum and a long service life.

The LED modules are particularly well-suited for carrying out colour checks in the coating, paint and graphic printing industries and when inspecting automotive paint jobs, for example. Other application areas include surgical lamps in operating theatres and lighting equipment for museum exhibitions.

Kyocera develops and produces many products for industrial applications.

The company’s extensive portfolio includes industrial displays with touch functions, telematic modules, cameras and sensors of all kinds as well as robust circuit boards, among others. Furthermore, Kyocera also provides components such as piezo actuators for diesel fuel injection systems, piezoelectric combustion chamber sensors for combustion engines as well as ceramic insulation for high-voltage applications in electric vehicles. 

For more information about Kyocera: www.kyocera.eu 

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