KYOCERA Announces New Mobile Device-based Support Service in Japan for Healthy Lifestyle Modification*

Kyocera and The Association for Preventive Medicine of Japan collaborate to contribute to health management by organizations

15 October 2015

Kyoto/Neuss – Kyocera Corporation (President: Goro Yamaguchi) announced that it will collaborate with The Association for Preventive Medicine of Japan (Director: Masaharu Kumashiro) in the field of healthcare to offer a new service, Daily Support®, which aims to assist with continuous lifestyle habit improvements through the use of a smartphone and wearable device combined with individual guidance from healthcare professionals. Planned to launch in fall 2015 in Japan, the service will be provided to companies, health insurance unions and healthcare service providers seeking better health management for employees and clients.

Service NameDaily Support®
Support ToolsWearable device “TSUC®”, “Daily Support” app, Web site for supporters (healthcare professionals, etc.) 
Price (including tax)Standard retail price of TSUC®: 7,000 yen 
Standard monthly cost of service: 600yen/month 
DistributorThe Association for Preventive Medicine of Japan
ManufacturerKyocera Corporation
AvailabilityFrom Fall 2015

Image of the “Daily Support®” system

Development Background

In Japan, medical costs have been increasing in recent years. The total amount of national medical expenses in fiscal 2015 was 40 trillion yen (approx. 333 billion U.S. dollars; a 1.8% increase compared to the previous fiscal year), and the annual medical cost per capita was approximately 314,000 yen (approx. 2,617 U.S. dollars; a 2% increase compared to the previous fiscal year)*2*3. While the rise in medical expenses is partly unavoidable as Japan faces an increasingly aging population, the need to reduce these expenses has become a significant fiscal issue for the country. On the other hand, approximately 30% of medical expenses stem from treating lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and hyperlipidemia. Thus, reconsideration of lifestyles habits can help individuals maintain their health and reduce overall medical costs.

Kyocera Corporation has been offering unique mobile devices and smartphones in Japan and overseas, and has also developed sensor technologies for status detection through this business. By utilizing these technologies, the company has developed the new service, “Daily Support®,” which enables the measurement, management, analysis and feedback on lifestyle-related data for users. By visualizing the lifestyle habits of individuals and providing continuous support, Kyocera believes that the service will help promote healthy habits and contribute to the reduction of increasingly high medical expenses.

Wearable device TSUC® in five color variations

Main Features

In the new service, three support tools are available for  users to comprehend their everyday lifestyles on a continuous basis.

1. Wearable device TSUC®
Manufactured by Kyocera, the device measures the amount of daily activity as well as other data points when worn by users and automatically uploads the data to the user’s smartphone*4, allowing for effortless monitoring of lifestyle-related data.
Measurement points:
Step count, calorie consumption, and status detection differentiations (walking / running / riding vehicles such as bicycles vs cars / going up and down elevators vs escalators / climbing up and down steps vs slopes)

2. “Daily Support” app
Kyocera’s unique app collects data on the amount of activity, sleep, visceral fat and calorie consumption, utilizing a smartphone to visualize the user’s lifestyle*5. Users can check and manage their conditions through graphs and figures displayed in the app. Various functions are adopted for users to enjoy continuous use, such as introducing a ranking system among users, incorporating a point system and enabling users to acquire characters in the app in response to good lifestyle habits*1. Kyocera will cooperate with JTB Benefit Service, Inc. to adopt the point system.

Amount of activityIn addition to the amount of daily activity measured by wearing the “TSUC®” device, users can also calculate the amount of calories burned by selecting activity items such as housework and exercise at the gym
DietThe app records the amount of time spent on meals and analyzes pictures of the meals to calculate calorie consumption. 
Sleep conditionsBy placing the smartphone next to the pillow when sleeping, users can utilize the app to automatically detect body movement and collect data on the quality of sleep in addition to hours slept.  
Visceral fatBy simply tracing the smartphone halfway around their abdomen, users can obtain an estimate of visceral fat levels and see a cross-section image on their smartphones.

3. Web site for services supporters 
Supporters of the service (healthcare professionals, etc.) can privately check the activities and data of the service users on the Web site and send messages individually to promote better habits, as well as send group messages to users with similar tendencies*1.
Blood Data Analysis and Professional Guidance
Based on cooperation with Roche Diagnostics K.K., the Daily Support will also provide a service for managing blood-related data. Users can upload data from blood tests conducted at health clinics or companies and receive direct guidance from professionals*6. By utilizing this service, users can expect early detection of lifestyle-related diseases and increase preventive attention.

Specifications of “TSUC®” Wearable Device

ColorWhite, Gray, Light Green, Red, Pink
Size (W×H×D) / WeightApprox. 48×29×13mm / Approx. 11g (including battery)
BatteryCR2032 (included) 
Measurement pointsStep count, calorie consumption, and status detection differentiation (walking / running / riding vehicles such as bicycles vs cars / going up and down elevators vs escalators / climbing up and down steps vs slopes)
MemorySufficient memory for 7-day use 
Detection systemTri-axial acceleration sensor / Air pressure sensor 
Communication systemBluetooth®4.0
Operating system* Android™ 4.4, iOS 8
Waterproof performanceWaterproof for normal usage

* This product is only available to the Japanese market.
*1 Part of the service will become available from fall 2015 and onward.
*2 Based on data compiled by the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. 
*3 As a convenience to the reader, U.S. dollar (USD) conversion is provided based on the rate of USD1 = JPY120 (as of September 18, 2015).
*4 Compatible smartphones as of September 2015 (more models will become compatible sequentially)
iPhone: iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5, iOS 8
Android: Android 4.4 (models validated by Kyocera Corporation only)
*5 The app must be downloaded to a smartphone for use.
*6 A special app is required for use of this service.

“Daily Support” and “TSUC” are registered trademarks of Kyocera Corporation in Japan. TM and ©2014 Apple inc. All rights reserved. “iPhone” is a trademark of Apple Inc. The “iPhone” trademark is used under license by AIPHONE CO., LTD. “iOS” is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S.A. and other countries, and used under license. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Bluetooth® and the Bluetooth logo are trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. for which Kyocera has been granted permission to use. All company, system, and product names listed herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective holders. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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