KYOCERA opens European Intellectual Property Office in Esslingen, Germany

Japanese patent engineer Katsuhiko Ochi is set to act as a liaison between Kyocera Japan and Europe to handle patent matters in the European market.

11 May 2016

Kyoto/Neuss – Kyocera has set up an Intellectual Property (IP) Office in Esslingen, Germany to strengthen and protect its business in Europe. The new copyright outpost in Europe is part of a global corporate strategy aiming to strengthen both local expertise and patent practices. Obtaining, protecting and using intellectual property rights which will promote all intellectual property areas of the company in Europe.

Following the US and China, the third outpost of this kind is now opening in Europe. Japanese patent engineer Katsuhiko Ochi will act as an on-site mediator between Kyocera Japan and Europe and assume responsibility for the patent, design and trademark fields. Based in Esslingen, Katsuhiko Ochi will manage patent applications, communication with European patent agencies and firms, and provide support in the event of patent disputes.

With the new IP Office in Europe, Kyocera is now represented in each of the large technology markets across the globe with a coordination center for IP that is on the ground to gain clear insights into the local and regional market.

“As an internationally operating company that develops innovative and enabling technologies, these direct insights are fundamentally important to Kyocera, both in terms of the development, distribution and protection of new products as well as for protecting consumers against counterfeiting and malfunctions,” says Shigeru Koyama, European President of Kyocera Fineceramics.

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