Ceramic knives from Kyocera: Leader in quality and design for 25 years

08 July 2009

Kyoto/Neuss – Since their market launch in Japan in 1984, Kyocera’s ceramic knives have become increasingly more popular. Now they are celebrating their 25th anniversary. After a quarter century spent continuously enhancing the material and design of the ceramic knives, Kyocera has been steadily optimizing its ceramic blades. The company proves this with its current KC Series.

For 25 years ceramic knives from Kyocera have had a successful presence on the market for superior kitchen products. Due to the extreme hardness of the fine ceramic material, the blades retain their sharpness for a long period and are easy to care for. Ceramic blades do not corrode and do neither adapt the taste nor the smell of the cut food. Metal ions cannot be transferred to the food as well. In conjunction with ergonomic handles and the astonishingly low weight of their ceramic blades, the knives also simplify the preparation of cutting-intensive food.

In recent years, these special properties have helped to make Kyocera’s ceramic knives more and more popular. “Made in Japan” stands for exclusive quality, and a specially developed processing method makes the blades resistant and robust.

“Despite high-tech production, nothing can replace skilled craftsmanship and many years of experience. This is why every Kyocera ceramic knife is individually ground by hand,” confirms Rafael Schröer, Managing Director of Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH.

In the 25 years of their existence, the products have established a good reputation and gained respect around the world for their outstanding characteristics. Since 1984, Kyocera has sold over five million ceramic knives in more than 35 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The classic among the ceramic knives, the KC Series from Kyocera, makes working in the kitchen a sheer pleasure for the ambitious hobby cook. The ceramic blades glide effortlessly through sensitive objects. Even tomatoes can be cut into wafer-thin slices, without being squeezed. The knife series boasts an impressive, classical optical design and contains five different blade lengths (from 7.5 to 15 cm) made of zirconia ceramic. Three rivets hold the fine Pakka wood handle in place. Recommended retail prices vary from 85 to 210 euros depending on the blade length.