Festive cooking with the new Kyocera knife set in an elegant gift box

28 October 2009

Kyoto/Neuss – As the festive season approaches, it also presents an opportunity for the assistants in the kitchen to take on a more elegant appearance: all in black and made of high-quality material, the extremely sharp ceramic knives from Kyocera turn preparing a feast into a true pleasure. The Japanese technology corporation that specializes in fine ceramic products is presenting the two attractive kitchen aids – one cooking knife and one peeling knife – in a quality gift box.

High-grade kitchen implements make light work of cooking the sophisticated dishes for the festive season. The black ceramic blades of the Kyocera FK Series not only look good but, thanks to their extreme sharpness, also glide gently through sensitive ingredients such as fish and meat. The set contains one cooking knife with a 14-centimetre-long blade and one peeling knife with a blade of 7.5 centimetres in length. Together they are now available in a quality gift box.

Made of high-quality zirconia ceramic, the blades retain their sharpness for a long period and are easy to maintain. Furthermore, they are corrosion-free and do not take on the flavour or odour of the ingredients being cut. Even tomatoes can be cut cleanly and without being squashed. Zirconia ceramic is extremely hard and guarantees long-lasting sharpness of the blades. Combined with the ergonomic handle and the surprisingly low weight of the ceramic blade, these knives reduce the effects of fatigue even during lengthy periods of cutting.

For 25 years ceramic knives from Kyocera have had a successful presence on the market for discerning kitchen products. Since their market launch in 1984, they have constantly been gaining in popularity due to their special properties.
The knife set is now available from specialist retailers and costs €129.00.

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