Stylish, handy, uncomplicated: the new mandoline slice and grate set and ceramic peelers from Kyocera will help you master even the most stressful Christmas cooking

29 October 2014

Kyoto/Neuss − Whether in the run up to Christmas or over the holiday period, peeling carrots and potatoes and grating cheese may not be the most popular kitchen jobs, but they are still an essential part of the festive season. With its colorful new kitchen accessories, Kyocera is brightening up these tasks. Its peelers are suitable for left- and right-handed users, because the double-edged blade means they can be used to peel in any direction. The new mandoline slice and grate set also provides the solution to some age-old kitchen problems: the julienne slicer and grater come as a set with a storage box that doubles as a container for the sliced and grated food. The silicone studs on the underside of the storage box prevent it from slipping while you are grating, making the work far more comfortable. The set also includes a finger guard.

Kyocera has been manufacturing high-quality ceramic knives, peelers and mandoline slicers for 30 years. The company’s fine ceramic blades are characterized by their superior edge retention, outstanding sharpness and elegant design. They are constantly gaining new admirers, whether professional chefs or amateur cooks.

Since it was founded in 1959, Kyocera has consistently expanded its advanced knowledge of material and manufacturing technologies in the field of technical ceramics. The company uses that experience in the production of sharp, high-quality ceramic knives and kitchen accessories such as mandoline slicers and peelers.

It first started selling ceramic knives in Japan in 1984. Today they are available from over 9,000 specialist retailers around the world and have become an essential part of many households. Since it entered the field, Kyocera has sold more than ten million high-quality knives.

The RRP for the peeler (CP-11) is €9.95. The mandoline slice and grate set (CSN-550) retails at €49.95.

For more information about Kyocera: www.kyocera.eu


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