Kyocera ranked highest in the ceramic knives category by consumer organization Stiftung Warentest

The Kyocera FK-180WH-BK received top marks for the sharpness of its blade, cutting quality and easy cleaning

05 December 2014

Kyoto/Neuss − The Professional Chef’s Knife from Kyocera was rated “good” (2.3) by consumer organization Stiftung Warentest. This is the best rating awarded to any of the ceramic knives in Stiftung Warentest’s latest test of chef’s knives. A major factor that contributed to this result was how well the knife scored (rating: “good”/1.8) in the subcategory “Cutting, chopping, mincing,” which assesses the sharpness of the blade and its cutting quality. It is weighted more than any other subcategory. The ceramic knife from Kyocera also received top marks in the subcategory “Cleaning” with a rating of “good” (1.7), as it can be safely washed in the dishwasher with no hassle.

Special features turn cooking into a treat

The special features of Kyocera’s ceramic knives make it ideal for cutting fruit and vegetables as well as for carving meat that is off the bone. The knives fit comfortably in the hand thanks to their ergonomically designed handles. The smooth, compacted surface of the blade made from zirconia ceramic ensures ultra-precise cuts, while the extremely tough material means it stays sharper much longer than other knives. On top of that, the ceramic knives are incredibly lightweight, extremely flexible and will never corrode. Since there are no metallic ions that can be transferred from the knife, it does not alter the smell or taste of food.

“A sharp knife is every chef’s most important tool. Because our blades retain their sharpness for an especially long time, we are serving up the best possible conditions for a real treat in the kitchen. In addition, anyone who purchases a knife receives a voucher for a complimentary sharpening,” Shigeru Koyama, European President of Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH, said.

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