Sushi for Christmas: No problem thanks to KYOCERA

06 October 2016

Kyoto/Neuss − Sushi is not only very tasty, it also increases your life expectancy, as was found in a study carried out by the National Center for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo. This makes sushi a perfect alternative to greasy holiday classics such as duck, goose or roast. However, most people do not have the right knives to prepare sushi themselves. This is where the ceramic knife experts come in.

Sushi is no longer an exotic dish that can only be served in off-the-beaten-track restaurants. In fact, the traditional Japanese dish has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are many different kinds of sushi, but the nigiri (raw fish over pressed rice) and maki (fish and rice wrapped in seaweed) are the most well-known and loved sushi dishes in Europe. Many Europeans still prefer to eat sushi in one of their favourite local sushi restaurants or bars – of which there are now many – but an increasing number of people are becoming adventurous and want to try preparing the dish themselves.

Keen knives for keen sushi lovers

What most often goes wrong for eager amateur chefs is that they do not have adequate knives. Raw fish needs to be cut very delicately without being frayed or torn by a blunt blade. Fortunately, Kyocera has a solution. The well-established Japanese company has been manufacturing high-quality kitchen knives with blades made from zirconia ceramic since 1984, and is now offering the ideal knife set that will satisfy even the most demanding sushi chefs.

The Sushi Starter Set consists of a ceramic knife, a ceramic grater as well as a slicer, whose blade is also made from ceramic. The knife makes it incredibly easy to cut food items and allows you to effortlessly slice through just about any ingredient, including, of course, raw fish. The finished fine ceramic blades are extremely durable as well as exceptionally light and flexible.

The knife set also includes additional tools to help you prepare your own sushi: a rolling mat to help you make the popular maki dish and a wooden paddle that allows you to conveniently portion the rice. You also receive a QR code when you purchase the set, which allows you to download a recipe booklet full of sushi tips as well as further information about products from Kyocera.

The fine, versatile Sushi Starter Set can be found in well-stocked specialist shops and is available for €79.95 (recommended retail price, VAT included).

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