A dream kitchen present under the Christmas tree

Good Christmas presents often take some work to find, but here is one great solution: The newest knife set from KYOCERA which is perfect for ambitious cooks.

07 November 2017

Kyoto/London − Christmas Eve comes around quicker than you can check off your shopping list, but now you are able to obtain an excellent and practical gift with no stress: The Christmas set from Kyocera, which comes with two ceramic knives and a black knife block, is the right present for anyone who likes to work precisely and cleanly in the kitchen.

KYOCERA Christmas set

Intelligent, high-tech kitchen helper

Good kitchen knives undoubtedly belong in any well-stocked kitchen. More and more people are opting for an assortment of ceramic knives, as the benefits are obvious: ceramic knives stay sharp for a long time, can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, and do not deteriorate from the acids in food. The small knife in the set, with an 11 centimeter long ceramic blade, is therefore the first choice for slicing fruits and vegetables. The second knife, with a blade length of 14 centimeters, works as an ‘all-arounder’ and is especially recommended for cutting fish and meat. With an extremely strong and smooth blade surface, this knife succeeds in delivering perfect, wafer-thin cuts without undue pressure, while the ergonomic handle provides total comfort and control. As a complimentary bonus, the set comes with a round, space-saving knife block made from synthetic material (Soft Touch) for storing up to eight knives. The set is available online and in specialist stores from October for 99 Euro.

High-quality material, long-lasting enjoyment

The Japanese technology enterprise Kyocera is a leading supplier of fine ceramic products and components. Their ceramic knives are manufactured from high-quality zirconium ceramic. In addition to the low amount of effort required for cleaning, as well as the extremely long-lasting sharpness, the ultra-light material does not transfer any metal ions and is therefore odor and taste neutral.

The Kyocera ceramic knife Christmas set

ProductBlade lengthProduct nameUnit Price
Kyocera Ceramic Fruit and Vegetable Knife11 cmFK-110WH-BK39,00 €
KYOCERA Ceramic Knife14 cmFK-140WH-BK59,00 €
Knife block (black)8 knife slotsSpecial additionComplimentary set
RRP 39,00 €

For more information on Kyocera: www.kyocera.eu

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