Ambiente 2017: KYOCERA will present its new Shin knife series, featuring an innovative ceramic blade

Kyocera will present a new ceramic knife series and other products from its kitchenware portfolio at the world’s most important consumer goods trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany (Hall 3.1, Booth A40) from 10–14 February 2017.

09 January 2017

Kyoto/Neuss − Kyocera, a Japanese technology group, is a leading manufacturer of fine ceramic products and components. The company is known for its high-quality ceramic knives, which are popular with customers across the world due to their sharp blades and slicing precision, and because they are very easy to clean. The company will present its new Shin series, a further innovation for the European market, at Ambiente 2017. The Shin series features an extremely durable Z212 ceramic blade, which remains sharp for twice as long[1] as other ceramic blades from Kyocera, thanks to an innovative new production method. The knives from the Shin series also feature an ergonomic handle that enables an even more comfortable grip as well as greater control. Furthermore, there is a slight bend in the back of the Shin knives, which allows the blade to effortlessly slice through fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. The new series, which includes knives in five different sizes, will be available from February 2017. The recommended retail price for the knives is between €59.99 and €99.99. Kyocera also offers a Shin series gift set, which comes slickly packaged in a gift box.

The Shin series is designed to have a slight bend on the back of the knife (between the handle and blade)

“The brand-new, innovative Shin ceramic knife series is an exciting new addition to our portfolio of high-quality, ceramic-based kitchenware. The Z212 ceramic blade is more robust, retains its sharpness for longer and has a timeless, elegant design. The launch for the European market coincides with Ambiente 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany, which will allow a large number of visitors to learn about the impressive features of the new series for the first time and get to know our wide range of high-quality kitchen products,” says Shigeru Koyama, President of Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH.

The Japanese word ‘shin’ can mean new, honest or true. The Shin series will exemplify these values with its innovative and exceptionally precise ceramic blade as well as its ergonomic handle.

Quality and design

Kyocera’s ceramic blades are made of high-quality zirconium ceramic, which is an extremely light, high-tech material that is very robust and non-corrosive and can therefore be washed in the dishwasher with no problem at all. The dense, smooth surface of the blade allows you to make a precise, wafer-thin cut, and since it does not transfer any metal ions, it does not leave behind any smell or taste. Kyocera’s kitchen products such as knives, peelers and slicers are not only of the highest quality, they also feature a very slick design. The new Shin series, for example, comes in a timeless, elegant black, which allows it to fit in with any kitchen, whether it’s run by a professional or amateur chef.

Kyocera’s ceramic knives – traditional craftsmanship from Japan

Kyocera has relied on and continuously expanded its expertise in material and manufacturing technology in the field of technical ceramics since its foundation in 1959. The company continuously transforms this expertise into inspiration for innovations and new business areas. The high-quality kitchen products also benefit from this wealth of experience and high quality standards. The exceptionally durable and precise ceramic knives from Kyocera have established a firm position in the market. They are available in more than 9,000 specialist shops across the world and have become indispensable tools in many households.

Shin knife series from Kyocera

ProductBlade lengthProduct name
Cooking knive18 cmZK-180 BK-BK
Santoku knive16 cmZK-160 BK-BK
Santoku knive14 cmZK-140 BK-BK
Universal knive13 cmZK-130 BK-BK
Fruit and vegetable knive11 cmZK-110 BK-BK
Shin gift set, comprised of ZK-160BK-BK and ZK-110BK-BK   ----ZK-2PC-BK

[1] Based on internal measurements carried out by Kyocera

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