Spice up the table with the latest salt and pepper mills from KYOCERA

Finely powdered or coarsely ground, with just a push of a button the KYOCERA electric ceramic mill grinds salt, pepper and other spices just the way gourmet chefs demand.

14 September 2017

Kyoto/London − Pepper does not fully develop its full taste until finely ground, and salt can provide dishes with even more delicious flavor depending on the degree of grinding. There is a reason why high quality salt and pepper mills find a place as standard equipment in any good kitchen: they not only help refine the flavor of what you are cooking, but are also add flair to a nicely set table.

KYOCERA electric ceramic mill grinds salt, pepper and other spices just the way gourmet chefs demand.

The new electric salt and pepper mills from Kyocera now make seasoning even easier and more convenient. Requiring only one hand and just a push of a button, users can grind or pulverise spices according to the required grain size without altering the natural flavor in the process. The mills are extremely durable and can even handle moist sea salt. The Kyocera electric ceramic mills are available in black and white and are suited for coarse grain salts such as sea salt, pre-wetted salt or Himalayan salt, for peppercorns as well as other spices including bay leaf, cloves, juniper, coriander, mustard seeds or pimento.

The Japanese ceramic specialist Kyocera has many years of experience in developing and manufacturing kitchen knives and accessories made of fine ceramics. Popular with professional chefs and amateur cooks worldwide, more than 15 million Kyocera ceramic knives have been sold to date. The ceramic grinders in the Kyocera salt and pepper mills also combine several advantages: they do not rust, can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth, do not alter the spice’s natural flavor, and remain sharp for a particularly long time. Given that the ground material — contrary to steel mills — is not cut but ground/pulverised, gourmets rave about the particularly intensive flavour the mills provide.

The main focus in the development of the new electric salt and pepper mills from Kyocera was primarily on user friendliness — particularly important when things get a little crazy in the kitchen and you only have one free hand. The mills are operated with four standard AA batteries and only require one hand for use. Pressing the button integrated in the top part starts the grinding process and is subsequently stopped by letting go of the button, and the degree of grinding is infinitely adjustable.

Moreover, one look at the transparent and easy to refill base for the spices shows you how much and what content is filled. The white as well as the black Kyocera mill can be filled with salts and spices. After grinding, the mills are simply placed back onto their bases without salt or spices falling onto the kitchen counter or the dining table.

The new Kyocera electric salt and pepper mills (white: CMD-50WH; and black: CMD-50BK) are now available in retail stores and online. The recommended sales price is 59.95 euros.
For more information on KYOCERA: www.kyocera.eu

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