All in white: New Kyocera ceramic knife and peeler set

Kyocera turns the kitchen into a catwalk by highlighting white as the trend-setting colour of summer 2011

12 April 2011

Kyoto / Neuss − Summer 2011 will see cool white worn in straight, pure fashion lines. Kyocera is celebrating the en vogue colour in its knives with sharp ceramic blades and ergonomically designed handles. For all those with an eye for design in the kitchen, Kyocera is presenting a contemporary collection with two new gift sets, in which both not only the ceramic blades but also the handles gleam in elegant white.

The all-white knife set is comprised of a chef’s knife with a 14-cm blade and a peeling knife with a 7.5-cm blade. The blades of the Kyocera FK series are extremely sharp, allowing even delicate ingredients such as fish, meat and tomato to be sliced cleanly. For cooks who can make do with one knife, Kyocera offers a knife & peeler set comprised of a FK-140 chef’s knife and CP-10 economy peeler. With a very thin cut, the economy peeler is ideally suited to the preparation of fruits and vegetables in which the vitamins are concentrated directly beneath the skin, such as cucumbers, apples, potatoes and carrots.

Kyocera uses high-quality zirconia ceramic material for its blades, which provides the basis for the long-lasting extreme sharpness. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain, corrosion-free and do not take on the flavour or odour of the ingredients being cut. The combination of an ergonomic handle with the astonishingly light weight of the ceramic blade reduces manual fatigue, even during lengthy periods of cutting.

The ceramic knives from Kyocera have featured on the market for sophisticated kitchen products since 1984; and their special characteristics, design and high quality have brought them increasing popularity, so that worldwide sales of Kyocera ceramic knives to date now exceed 6 million units.

The all-white sets come in an attractive gift box and will be available from specialist retailers from May. The knife set costs €89.00 and the knife & peeler set €65.00.