Easily prepared delicatessen with ceramic knives from KYOCERA

Summer food: Crispy salads, crunchy vegetables, juicy fruit

31 May 2012

Kyoto / Neuss − Juicy fruits and crunchy vegetables are perfect during the warmest time of the year when the appetite for refreshing "vitamin bombs" is particularly great. Especially now, fresh foods are abundant and can easily be served as delicious meals. Whether green salads, classic pasta salads with vegetables, raw vegetable salads, or fruit salads — salads are delicious and can be quickly prepared. During barbecue season these are very popular as side dishes or as a refreshing dessert. Kyocera ceramic knives are ideal for cutting light foods, because the quality ceramic blades slice easily and with high precision.

Sunny afternoons and warm summer evenings are very inviting for a relaxing barbecue with friends and family. The ceramic knife specialist Kyocera offers a wide range of practical kitchen tools for quick and easy preparation of salads for your grill party. These indispensable kitchen accessories for various salad creations include knives, slicers and peelers with ultra-sharp ceramic blades which glide effortlessly through the foods making preparation a real pleasure. Even intensive cutting can easily be carried out by hand thanks to the ergonomic handle and surprisingly low weight of the Kyocera ceramic blade. After use, the blade can simply be cleaned under water, without fear of rusting. Furthermore, the high-quality Kyocera blades, made from corrosion-free zirconia ceramic, keep their extreme sharpness for a very long time.

Practical kitchen helpers for peeling, cutting and slicing

The Kyocera Santoku knife is ideal for precise cutting and is a true all-rounder for the kitchen. The approximately 11-centimetre long and 3-centimetre wide ceramic blade is perfect for cutting vegetables. Due to its extreme sharpness, the foods are not squashed during preparation and do not stick to the blade. Even tomatoes can be cut extremely thin. But also for those who want to make more than just vegetarian foods, the Kyocera ceramic knife is the tool of choice: the Santoku knife is also ideal for the preparation of both fish and meats without bones.

The Kyocera peeler is recommended for cleaning vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, zucchinis, radishes, and much more can be quickly peeled without much pressure.

When exact precision work is required, the Kyocera slicer is convincing: with its 8-centimetre long, double-edged ceramic blade, this kitchen helper is ideal for preparing vegetables and fruits. Its specialty: very smooth and even slices — for salads, snacks and garnishing.

For more information about Kyocera: www.kyocera.eu

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