Kyocera will present the "Legend" series of ceramic knives for first time at Ambiente 2012

Kyocera ceramic knives promise "legendary" quality

16 January 2012

Kyoto / Neuss − Sharper than ever, with an elegant design, both light and durable — just in time for Ambiente 2012 the Japanese technology corporation Kyocera is presenting its new three-piece "Legend" series of ceramic knives. Due to their excellent quality, the high-tech ceramic knives from the ceramic specialists promise to become a "legend" in the hands of both professional chefs and amateurs alike. With support from the organic event cook Christopher Hinze, Kyocera will present the high-quality series of knives in Germany for the first time at Ambiente in Frankfurt (10.2. until 14.02.2012) in hall 3.1, stand A40.

As Japanese cuisine requires the highest precision and dexterity, the demand for outstanding cutting quality has constantly been pursued by Kyocera in its high-tech ceramic knives since their beginnings in Japan. With almost thirty years expertise, Kyocera is one of the pioneers in ceramic knife blades. Through to present day, Kyocera has produced more than 6 million high-quality knives. Now, the ceramic knives have also become indispensable in German kitchens. The products have always been continuously developed using the latest technologies, and over the years Kyocera blades have become even sharper, thinner and more durable. With the "Legend" series, Kyocera gives vivid expression to this progress.

"Lightweight" which thoroughly impresses chefs

The Kyocera "Legend" series truly lives up to its name: a high-quality black plastic handle with an elegant, metallized application holds the extremely sharp, durable blade made of zirconia ceramic. The series consists of three knives with blade lengths of 13, 15 and 17 centimetres. With its ergonomic design the knives lie comfortably in the hand and are not only especially light, but also easy to use. Thanks to the high-quality blade the Legend series glides effortlessly through fish and meat and makes preparations for cooking a real pleasure. Even tomatoes can be cut extremely thin, as the blade glides smoothly through the vegetable, without squashing the skin. Kyocera ceramic blades keep their unique sharpness for years, and are also corrosion-free and do not take on the flavour or odour of the food — therefore the Kyocera ceramic knives are ideal for food preparation.

Culinary events: Christopher Hinze at the Kyocera trade fair stand

The renowned organic chef Christopher Hinze will present these and other Kyocera kitchen accessories in practical use during the first four days at the Kyocera stand. The event cook known as the "Speisenmeister" (master of food) will prove his dexterity, treat visitors to culinary delights, and will give tips and suggestions regarding healthy cuisine with natural foods.

Kyocera ceramic knife "Legend" blade length 13 cm: 59 Euro
Kyocera ceramic knife "Legend" blade length 15 cm: 69 Euro
Kyocera ceramic knife "Legend" blade length 17 cm: 79 Euro

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