Test winner: Kyocera ceramic knife impresses with its quality and functionality

Results of knife test in ETM Testmagazin 11/2012 issue

07 November 2012

Kyoto / Neuss − In the latest knife test carried out by the German-based ETM Testmagazin (11/2012 issue), the Santoku ceramic knife FK-160WH made by Japanese technology company Kyocera came out on top. This high-tech ceramic knife was assessed as “good.” “The blade slices with a consistently good cut,” according to the judgement of the ETM editorial team. The Kyocera ceramic knife achieved a total score of 91.6 out of 100.

The advantage of Kyocera’s ceramic knife is that its blade stays sharp for a particularly long time. Ceramic knives also have a very low weight and the blades are neutral in terms of their smell and taste. The 16 cm long blade of the Kyocera Santoku knife glides effortlessly through fruits and vegetables and “performs particularly well when cutting through meat,” said the editorial team of this practical test.

The blade was tested in the categories of “quality and processing,” “handling,” “blade,” “functionality,” “cleaning and maintenance” and “safety.” The Kyocera ceramic knife performed well in all categories with its exceptional cutting properties, easy handling and a diverse range of functionalities. The ceramic knife achieved 95 points for “sharpness/cutting quality” in the “blade” category, which demonstrates one of Kyocera’s core competences.

For more information about Kyocera: www.kyocera.eu

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