A world premiere at Ambiente 2013

15 February 2013

Kyoto / Neuss − Top quality and sophisticated design – this is what ceramic knives from Japanese technology company Kyocera stand for. The new five-part ceramic knife series 'Japan' from Kyocera resembles a classic in Japanese cookery: a sophisticated black sharp ceramic blade with a robust Pakka wood and stainless steel handle offer a new kind of cooking pleasure for amateur and professional chefs. The ceramic knife experts will be exhibiting the new series to the world for the first time from 15 to 19 February 2013 at the lifestyle trade fair Ambiente (Hall 3.1, Stand A40) in Frankfurt, Germany.

The new Japan (JPN) series from Kyocera is an eye-catching line of products for any Japan fan: a high quality dark handle made from Pakka wood with stainless steel elements and rivets defines these extremely sharp, high-quality black zirconia ceramic blades. The series comprises five knives which fit into the hand perfectly thanks to their ergonomic design. The high quality blades in the JPN series glide through meat and fish with ease. Even tomatoes can be sliced wafer-thin because the blade glides through with a clean cut, without squashing the tomato skin. Thanks to this long-lasting blade sharpness, intensive cutting work is easily achieved by hand, allowing for creativity in the kitchen. The blades in the JPN series are also corrosion-free and do not absorb the smell or flavour of the food being sliced.

With close to 30 years’ experience in the field of ceramic blades, Kyocera knows exactly what counts when it comes to the kitchen: accurate slicing with sharp blades which are easy to handle. The fine ceramics specialist has produced more than six million quality knives to date. Ceramic knives are now a fixed feature in kitchens all over Europe. The products are constantly being developed with the aid of the latest technology: as such, Kyocera blades have become sharper and more bendable over the years.



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