KYOCERA Ceramic Knife Shipments Exceed 10 Million Units to Date

Quality and reliability born of Kyocera’s decades of pioneering fine ceramic technology

29 April 2013

Neuss − Kyocera Corporation announced today that total shipments of its ceramic knives recently passed the 10 million unit mark.

In 1984, Kyocera was one of the first companies in Japan to begin manufacturing and selling kitchen knives with blades made from fine ceramics, also known as advanced ceramics. Since then, Kyocera has been continually enhancing the material technology and design of its knives, developing its product range with various colors and styles, expanding its sales network and converting more and more customers around the world to fans of ceramic knives. Recently the popularity of Kyocera’s knives has been growing even more rapidly, with annual shipments exceeding one million units in the past few years and total shipments since 1984 surpassing the 10 million unit mark.

The appeal of Kyocera: quality and reliability born of Kyocera’s many years of developing advanced ceramic materials

Since its establishment in 1959, Kyocera has built a powerful base in advanced ceramic materials and processing technology in the semiconductor, electronics, and medical industries. This wealth of experience has led to the production of high-quality ceramic knives with outstanding strength and sharpness. As one of the pioneers in the field of ceramic knives, the company has gained a reputation for product reliability and is currently one of the leading ceramic knife suppliers to premium cutlery retailers worldwide.

Making ceramic knives a staple in kitchens around the world

Since sales began in Japan in 1984, Kyocera’s ceramic knives have become favored kitchen tools in many households, thanks to their unique features, which include: blades which keep their extremely sharp edges for a very long time and do not alter the flavors of foodstuffs; their ergonomic and lightweight feel; and the fact that they are very easy to clean because of the non-porous quality of the advanced ceramics. In addition, over the years Kyocera has been able to enhance its manufacturing technology and its economies of scale, allowing the knives to be sold at a more affordable price.

In 2005, Kyocera extended its sales and marketing to beyond its domestic market and now the products are available all over the world, with over 9,000 stores carrying its ceramic knives.

Color variations mean more choice in the kitchen

In 2006, Kyocera launched its Color Series ceramic knives. With the same high quality and functionality, this series also offered a new, rich variety of fashionable handle colors for the kitchen. The Color Series has been particularly popular with consumers, enabling them to add an individual touch to their kitchen decor.

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