Ceremonial opening: One of the largest solar plants in Lower Saxony reaches completion

Rooftop system by Kyocera and Energiebau

28 October 2009

Kyoto / Neuss − The Japanese technology corporation Kyocera, pioneer in the field of solar energy, and Energiebau, one of the foremost suppliers of solar electricity systems in Germany, are announcing the completion of a new solar installation. The rooftop system in Stadthagen with an area of 25,000 m² is to be formally opened on 27 October 2009.

The roof of a factory building in Stadthagen is where 4,590 modules of the type KD210GH-2PU have been installed with an overall output of 963.9 kWp. Covering an area of 25,000 m², this rooftop system is one of Kyocera’s largest installations in Germany. The expected annual energy yield is 915,705 kWh. Given that the average annual electricity consumption for a 4-person household is 4,400 kWh, the rooftop system is able to supply more than 200 households with electricity. Ecological electricity production of this kind makes a crucial contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. The 25,000-m² solar plant will produce an annual saving of approx. 570 tonnes of CO2.

Installation of the plant began in June 2009, with connection to the grid taking place on 27 October. One of the leading suppliers of solar electricity systems in Germany, the system house Energiebau, supplied the inverters by SMA and the solar modules by Kyocera. Planning and installation of the plant was carried out by Ahrens Solartechnik of Bückeburg. One particular challenge in the construction work for this project was distributing the plant over four roofs.

The Kyocera Corporation is a front runner in the solar energy market and began to develop solar cells in 1975. Thanks to these many years of experience, the company masters all production steps at the highest level, from wafer and cell production to module assembly, thus ensuring that its high quality standard is maintained.

Module type:KD210GH2-PU
Quantity of modules:4,590
Inverters:87 x SMA 10000 TL
Installed output:963.9 Wp
Energy yield:915,705 kWh/a
Date of completion:27 October 2009

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