Solar Technical Service Center from KYOCERA gets DEKRA certification

Comprehensive all around service for solar panels from any manufacturer alliviates problems caused by a lack of available maintenance service throughout Europe

19 September 2017

Kyoto/London − No matter who the manufacturer is, Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH Solar Technical Service Center offers an all around service for the inspection and repair of solar panels. What’s more, the service is now DEKRA-certified.

The number of companies specialising in the maintenance of solar panels has decreased considerably in the past few years as a result of the 2014 EEG amendment. The consequence is that operators and owners of photovoltaic (PV) systems are searching for a partner to provide services such as optimisation, error analysis and repairing of solar panels. The Kyocera Technical Service Center not only undertakes these tasks, but has now also expanded its service, providing PV appraisals.

In order to ensure the safety and economical operation of a PV system for many years, a DEKRA-certified expert undertakes an inspection of the system. If the expert determines faults and damages in PV systems, the assessment is used to clarify possible warranty and guarantee claims. It can also be used for recourse claims and claims settlements, if the promised service planned during installation can not be accomplished.

The Kyocera Solar Technical Service Center based in Esslingen has almost 20 years of expertise in the inspection and maintenance of PV installations throughout Europe. The focus is on the inspection and repair of damaged systems. The Kyocera team inspects PV systems at regular intervals, but especially after acute natural events, such as violent thunderstorms, strong winds and hail. The damage that can occur to PV installations as a result of these events is not always immediately recognisable, but can impair the functionality considerably. With the help of different testing methods, damage can be detected.

For example, the contactless electroluminescent method is used where special cameras with infrared sensors are utilized for inspections. Microcracks, which can be caused by hail, snow, PID (potentially induced degradation) and transport, can be thus be visualised.

Furthermore, in order to restore system efficiency and operating safety, the Solar Technical Service Center can provide the necessary spare solar panels without trouble. Even panels for Kyocera KC-series systems, which are more than 17 years old are available. This guarantees the inventory holding of minimal quantity PV-modules.

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