Kyocera supplies 8,500 modules for 2-MW solar plant in France

New mega solar power plant inaugurated today

21 October 2011

Kyoto / Neuss − 8,500 solar modules on four acres of wasteland: these are the dimensions of the new solar power plant, which was officially inaugurated today in Distré, in the French department of Maine-et-Loire. The mega-complex is a flagship project in terms of sustainability: the Kyocera KD235 solar modules installed produce an average total energy of 2.2 GWh per year of environmentally-friendly electricity — equal to the average annual energy consumption of 900 households. Furthermore, the clean-energy power plant will off-set roughly 700 tons of CO2 per year.

The solar installation in Distré is the largest solar power plant in north-western France, and is a pioneer project for future model systems. The renewable energy plant was established as a sustainable solution for the reclamation of a wasteland. Through the installation of solar modules, the wasteland has now been recycled for long-term use. The Kyocera solar modules used for this project are characterized by their excellent quality, long service life and high efficiency.

The project was realized with an investment by the French company Quénéa Energies Renouvelables — a medium-sized enterprise specializing in the field of renewable energy — and the state-run financial institution Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations.

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