“Sun battery”: using the sun to generate, store and consume energy independently of all networks

Kyocera markets lithium storage system from Prosol Invest

06 May 2013

Kyoto / Neuss − Anyone who installs a photovoltaics unit on their roof wants to minimise their impact on the environment by taking advantage of clean solar energy while at the same time making the greatest use of this source of energy. As income from feed-in tariffs falls, intelligent storage solutions for solar-generated electricity become increasingly attractive to people who want to optimise their power consumption – especially private households. Japanese technology group and solar expert Kyocera has now joined forces with Prosol Invest Deutschland to start marketing an intelligent lithium storage system. The “sun battery” stores excess solar-generated electricity and enables solar unit owners to make use of the CO2-neutral power they generate themselves, upping “in-house” consumption rates considerably. This innovation enables people who own their own private solar power unit to become ever more independent of the public electricity grid. Even in the event of a power blackout, the “sun battery” delivers reliable electricity output so you can always enjoy whatever you had planned, e.g. watching your favourite TV show.

The sun battery comes in six types to suit the size of a particular house or household. The basic model possesses a storage capacity of 4.6 kWh and is suitable for households with electricity consumption of 3,000 kWh and above; the XXL batter can store 41 kWh of electricity, making it ideal for buildings where annual energy consumption is 12,000 kWh and above.

Technically refined – convenient control

The battery’s smart function means owners can automatically activate technical appliances via remote control the minute excess electricity is available. Using a mobile app, the sun battery can also be activated remotely by people on the move – all they need is a smartphone or tablet for full control of the battery. All appliances and plugs in the home can of course still be used in a conventional manner.

Pooling solar expertise

Talking about the new joint undertaking, Kyocera’s European president Shigeru Koyama said, “It is our great pleasure to have acquired Prosol as a reliable partner with a long history of experience and outstanding technical expertise. Just like Kyocera, Prosol is dedicated to quality. Together, we want to expand the boundaries of progress in the field of renewable energies with our customised and intelligent solutions.” For several years, Prosol has been engaged in developing intelligent solutions in energy consumption. The sun battery was first launched on the German market at the start of 2011. This storage system is compatible with all Kyocera solar modules, and – even better – it can be added to existing photovoltaic units so users can increase their domestic consumption of the power they generate themselves.

Sun battery: an overview

Storage capacity in kWh4.6 to 41.0
Max. output in kW2.4 to 18.0
Guarantee7 years
Weight150 kg to 910 kg
Dimensions in cm (width/height/depth)Depending on the model:  


For more information about Kyocera: www.kyocera.eu

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