InPrint 2016: KYOCERA presents 360 dpi inkjet printhead with exceptionally high print speed and an efficient ink circulation system

25 October 2016

Kyoto / Neuss − The printhead is used to print on construction tiles, among other media, and delivers an impressive print speed of up to 50 metres per minute.

Kyocera will attend this year’s InPrint trade fair to present one of the world’s fastest inkjet printheads which features an ink circulation system and boasts a printing resolution of 360 dpi (dots per inch). The oil-based ink printhead has an exceptionally high printing speed of up to 50 metres per minute and emits 84 picolitres (pl) of ink per droplet. The printhead was successfully introduced to the market in October 2015. A model that emits 160 pl droplets of ink is also now available. InPrint is a specialist trade fair for the industrial printing technology sector and will be held in Milan, Italy this year from 15–17 November. You can find Kyocera at Booth E17.

The Kyocera KJ4C-0360 printhead features cutting-edge printing technology and is used for functional as well as decorative printing applications. A water-based ink version will also be available soon.

Wide range of applications

The printhead can be used to print on a wide range of media thanks to its versatile ink compatibility and exceptional durability. The printhead is compatible with oil- and water-based inks with a viscosity from 10 to 18 mPa/s, inks with large pigment particles, as well as fast-drying inks for special applications. The printhead can be used to print on a wide range of materials such as carpet and other textiles, ceramic tiles and even on medical items such as pills. The KJ4C-0360 printhead is particularly impressive when printing on tile, as it brings all colours, designs and patterns to life.

Exceptional ink discharge power and stable performance 

Kyocera developed the KJ4C-0360 printhead using its proprietary piezoelectric technology. The printhead boasts a remarkable ink discharge capacity, delivering the highest printing speed of its output class: 50 m/min with 84 pl per droplet. The company’s proprietary technology and highly efficient ink circulation system prevent the ink from accumulating in the printhead or drying up and blocking the nozzle. Furthermore, the circulation system ensures a constant ink temperature. This prevents the formation of air bubbles, which may otherwise cause errors while the ink is being ejected.

Remarkable efficiency and adaptability

The printhead’s effective print width (109 mm/4 inches) minimises the number of printheads that are required. It offers a wide range of settings, allowing the user to adjust the droplet volume within a range from 15 to 84 pl when printing at a speed of 50 m/min and to a maximum volume of 160 pl when printing at a speed of 25 m/min. This versatility means the printhead can be used for a large number of high-performance and extremely fast printing applications.

Furthermore, the KJ4C-0360 printhead features a convenient connector that makes the device very easy to install and replace.

New design centre in Esslingen

Kyocera has expanded its presence in the European inkjet market by opening a new test lab for inkjet printheads in Esslingen, Germany. The Japanese company is using a drop watcher in the laboratory to investigate the behaviour of droplets from a printhead on the picolitre scale. The design centre was inaugurated last year. It has grown significantly over the past year in terms of the number of employees and the range of equipment. The design centre serves as a customer service point in the European market.

Technical details

ModelInkjet printhead
Dimensions200 × 39 × 54 mm (W × D × H)
Print speed50 m/min (max. droplet volume: 84 pl)
25 m/min when emitting 160 pl
Resolution360 dpi
Effective print width109 mm (4 inches)
Ink compatibilityOil-based
(Water-based – available soon)
Development facilityKokubu Plant in Kagoshima, Japan

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