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  1. KYOCERA and 7 Other Companies Announce Progress of Development Plan for Max. 480-Megawatt Solar Power Project

    • Solar Electric Systems

    Companies exploring plan to construct and operate solar power project located on agricultural land on Ukujima island, Nagasaki, Japan

    Photovolt Development Partners GmbH (hereafter “PVDP”) began planning the solar power project in April 2013 with the aim of helping to contribute to environmental protection and economic revitalization on the remote island. It has been agreed that th...

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  2. KYOCERA Introduces Irish Claddagh Ring Designed by Paul Costelloe, Using Hypoallergenic COBARION

    • Corporate

    Using new material COBARION, symbolic Irish design meets Japanese technology; portion of proceeds to benefit Great East Japan Earthquake recovery

    Dating back to the 17th century in Ireland, the traditional Claddagh ring is given to represent love, loyalty and friendship. The ring is now available in two types: the stylish thin AMATERUS and the gorgeous bold WADADUMI. Both styles are unisex, ma...

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