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  1. KYOCERA Develops World’s First Full-Spectrum LED Aquarium Lighting

    • Corporate

    Innovative technology mimics sunlight at specific underwater depths; designed to optimize growth of corals and marine plants.

    Kyocera’s LED Aquarium Lighting Kyocera’s aquarium LED lighting will be available to the Japanese market in the middle of August in four types: Marine Blue reproducing spectrum of sunlight at 2.5m below sea level Aqua Blue reproducing spectrum ...

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  2. KYOCERA designs and manufactures new ultra-small robust ceramic UHF RFID Tags for tool tracking in Aerospace industry

    • Semiconductor Components

    KYOCERA’s new ultra-high frequency RFID transponder is appliable to metal and – due to its robust ceramic package – suitable for reliable tool tracking within the aerospace industry.

    UHF RFID tag In order to avoid FOD, Kyocera’s robust ceramic UHF RFID tags are especially suited to identification and tracking of metal tools in the aerospace industry. RFID tags will be attached to workshop tools of MRO service providers in or...

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  3. KYOCERA Launches 0.5 mm-Pitch FPC/FFC Connectors with automated and visual checks to prevent misalignment

    • Electronic Components & Devices

    New 6892 Series offers resistance to high temperatures and high-speed transmission capability to enhance performance of automotive electronics

    0.5 mm-pitch FPC/FFC connectors 6892 Series Product name 6892 Series FPC/FFC connector Applications Automotive electronics, OA equipment, industrial and consumer electronics, etc. Availability August 2018 With the increasing use of electr...

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