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  1. Innovative, durable, and beautiful: Kyocera presents high-quality kitchen tools demonstrating the advantages of its ceramic technology at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham from November 29 – December 2, 2018.

    • Kitchen Products

    The key to the success of Kyocera’s ceramic kitchen tools, which include knives, peelers and slicers, are blades made of Zirconia ceramic, which are extremely hard, sharp, and corrosion-free. The exceptionally sharp blades enable an ultra-precise and...

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  2. Inamori Foundation Awards the 34th Kyoto Prize to Scientists and Artist in the Fields of "Advanced Technology", "Basic Science", and "Arts and Philosophy"

    • Corporate

    On 10th November 2018, neuroscientist Dr. Karl Deisseroth, mathematician Dr. Masaki Kashiwara, and artist Joan Jonas received the Kyoto Prize in the ancient Japanese imperial capital. In addition to the Nobel Prize, this prize is considered one of the most important awards for the lifetime achievements of dignitaries in science and culture across the world.

    Kyoto Prize 2018 Kyoto Prize: An Award with Tradition The Kyoto Prize was established in 1984 by Kazuo Inamori, founder of the Kyoto-based technology group Kyocera. In the past 33 years, laureates included important dignitaries such as choreographer...

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  3. KYOCERA reflects on integral philosophy of Founder Dr. Kazuo Inamori to respect the divine and love people

    • Corporate

    For KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe, the philosophy has always played a fundamental role in the organisation and management of the business. The belief is that all decisions should be made by considering the fundamental question of “What is the r...

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  4. Kyocera wins CEATEC Award for “Amcenna” IoT Antenna

    • Corporate

    Innovative technology yields compact antenna that solves performance challenges when mounted on metals or near water

    Kyocera’s Amcenna (left) and a sensor module using Amcenna (right) Kyocera’s Amcenna Technology Innovations To create Amcenna, Kyocera miniaturized an Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC) and integrated an antenna function into the AMC itself. The r...

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  5. KYOCERA celebrates 27 years of sustainability at the core of operations

    • Printers / Multifunctionals

    The Environmental Charter was created in October 1991 and has been a fundamental pillar in the company. Despite growth across the globe, sustainability and environmental protection is at the heart of KYOCERA’s existence. It adheres to the Company ...

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  6. Kyocera wins Supplier Award

    • Fine Ceramic Components

    Donation to "Aktion Luftballon" at Lukaskrankenhaus (from left: Thomas Böhm, Daniela Faust-Rogausch, Rafael Schröer, Prof. Guido Engelmann, Dr. Adarsh Sagar and Hiroki Maekawa) The event was held at their headquarters in Veldhoven, The Netherla...

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